Thursday, July 14, 2011

New listing, The Face of Time....

The concept of time. I always wonder what time it is? Really. What time is it? My iPhone has the time, the microwave in the kitchen has the time, my alarm clock has the time, my car even tells me what time it is?!?!?!?!

so what time is it really? The time I see isn't, most likely what you see.
Who gets to decide what time it is?
I get obsessed with this because unless i arrive 15 minutes early.. i will most definitely be 15 mins late.
I heard somewhere those of us who are habitually late, think we are more important than everyone else. No-I don't believe this. I have come to believe i just live in a different time zone than everyone else.......

Time does fly when you are having fun. It does not fly during a pap smear.

So lets ask the great oracle shall we?

I created this gal to remind me that time time is relative.
When you look into this pendant, the vintage glass dome amplifies and distorts the female resin face on the interior.
Thank you oh great one.
Oh-I am late for that pap smear. ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1940's fashion - Keeping Well Dressed

1940's fashion

Anything with a past.....

Well, those of you who frequent my shop, know I strive to use materials from the past. Items long since forgotten in a warehouse somewhere in eastern europe, dug from the earth buried since wwII, washed up on a mediterRanean beach or found in my own lush green backyard. I am inspired by items with age. I daydream about the time period, how the piece survived so long, who might of owned and even cherished it  and if it could speak, what stories might we heAR OF ITS ADVENTURES....

Today i want to introduce you to this romantic damsel. A west German Resin Cameo in high relief. Circa 1940's.

A little more inspiration? German film star Anneliese Uhlig. Va-Va-Voom. I would be more than happy to walk around each day through a diffusing filter!