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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reaching out on behalf of one of my besties!

This won't cost you a dime! Just a couple of clicks in under 120 seconds.
Please vote for Jon Fulton Adams for Kansas City! Their are so many amazing individuals from our fair city up for this grant. Not to mention he is designing my wedding dress! Eek! He has 48 hours to reach the voting goal.
Search under Kansas City, Mo.
Thank you all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silk photo scarf.........

When you work in a particular medium everyday it becomes your main focus.
I am so busy working in antique stampings, pressed glass and researching I sometimes forget how pleasurable it is to work in other mediums.
I love textiles, texture, to be exact. I collect fabrics when venturing around the city and globe. Some have been inherited from my step-grandmother who was an amazing seamstress. She made clothing out of necessity. Her short stature just didn't quite fit into the ready to wear items sold in stores. Whether it was German mohair, one of the first mass produced double knits in a koi fish print (I recently gifted this to my fashion designer colleague for his upcoming swimwear collection) or various remnants of vintage bolts she kept them all perfectly organized in a cedar lined closet. It was magical in there.

I greatly miss still life and experimental photography as well. Creating a narrative or vignette out of found then arranged items gives me unexplicable pleasure.
I combined these loves of mine into "tattered" artist scarves. I took 5 designs with me to my last show and received much positive feedback.
Now if I can pull myself away from those pieces of brass and glass....I might just make more.
100% Exotic Silk-Hand Dyed-Tattered Vintage Fabrics-Artists Photograph

Friday, April 6, 2012

***Recrudescence will be showing at The Honeytree Gallery Friday April 6th 6-10pm. 504 E. 18th St, Unit 102, KCMO. Would love to meet you!****

***Recrudescence will be showing at The Honeytree Gallery Friday April 6th 6-10pm.
504 E. 18th St, Unit 102, KCMO. Would love to meet you!****

Choose your weapon. Refashioned vintage military qualifying badge stampings. Limited quantity available.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New listing-Feel the warmth of spring...........

Calla Lily-Vintage Stamping Asymmetrical Necklace

Introducing an asymmetrical necklace for the spring bride, vintage fashionista or steampunk lovin' gal. Whether you travel by horse and carriage, 1960's Metropolitan or rocket ship-you will arrive in style!

This beauty has been hand constructed from a detailed mid-century vintage brass calla lily stamping and vintage copper butterfly stampings. The butterflies add dimensionality to the piece as they seem to be taking flight from the lily itself.

The calla lily pendant has been hand drilled and attached to a vintage bar chain with a classic lobster clasp closure and mini vintage locket at the end of 3 inch chain extender.

-Pendant size: 2 inches x 1 inch
-Chain length: 14 inches with 3 inches of extender.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Congrats to JFA of Queen's Rocket LLC......

One of Kansas City's original creatives will be at the POOL Trade Show in las vegas. I am very proud of JFA for making it a reality.
He has graciously allowed me to link to his Queen's Rocket video which recrudescence Jewelry is featured.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have always loved old typewriters. The click-tick-clank between letters, periods, exclamation points and space bars. I do adore every individuals handwriting but I propose we use our antique underwood for guest book signing and well wishes for our wedding.

For a little fun, check out the following link and DIY project.

Wedding Planning!!?!?!?!?

My fiance shaun and myself are uber-focused creative types. My beloved proposed to me last june on a paris park bench near the champs Elysee and eiffel tower near midnight.
We just now secured a venue for our ceremony. I admit, i was becoming a little stressed. Not bridezilla stressed but a little concerned we had not planned a thing. Sometimes taking your time turns out for the best ;)

We live near one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. This amazing chapel inside of Elmwood Cemetery is where we will be professing our love this fall preceded by a traditional new orleans march......

Phase 1 of Website underway!

I have been driving myself nutty planning my website. I am lucky enough to have a really talented friend helping me at the "friend price" to get this project underway. Soooo very excited.
Word to the wise: Plan the framework first. Of course i have a million ideas of how awesome it will be once finished. I have been aesthetic-cookoo lately! I should have concentrating on framework. For example, what sections do I need?!
We hope to see come to fruition by late march. yipee!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recognizing the wonder of my studio.....

Every weekend I have the pleasure of seeing golden morning light pouring into my studio. Unfortunately my day job which requires me to be up by 5:30am, doesn't allow me to experience this heavenly light on a daily basis.
Last weekend I decided to take some snapshots.

 I like to keep my grandparents(RIP), Betty and Bud, close by. It just gives my creative space good juju.This is their wedding photo above. Below is bud in his early twenties-sporting his army uniform.

 Nothing gets the creative juices goin' like headless taxidermy pheasant butt, a small chair  collection and one of my mixed media pieces.
 The makeover of mabel. She did a short stint as a jewelry model. She is now retired.
 anthropomorphic Mixed media mock up. I plan on making more....someday.
 This is where I sit to soak up the morning light. MMMMMMMM.
I picked up this shawl from a friends studio sale. It had belonged to one of their grandmothers. i plan on keeping it f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

*I like to peer into artists creative spaces. I hope others share.
Thanks for stopping by xo-Lady Recrudescence*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Website to available this spring......

I have been researching a bazillion ideas for my website. I am shooting for the end of March. was really happy to find this link for inspiration.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Copy cats s-u-c-k....

As an artist/crafts person  we all will run across parallels in one another's work. that goes without saying. We also look to one another for ideas and inspiration.
Unfortunately, from time to time, we think we have a completely fresh and new idea. Only to see someone has done it.
Read the post below....and see what your ideas and perceptions of DIY are.