Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Congrats to JFA of Queen's Rocket LLC......

One of Kansas City's original creatives will be at the POOL Trade Show in las vegas. I am very proud of JFA for making it a reality.
He has graciously allowed me to link to his Queen's Rocket video which recrudescence Jewelry is featured.http://www.queensrocket.com/

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have always loved old typewriters. The click-tick-clank between letters, periods, exclamation points and space bars. I do adore every individuals handwriting but I propose we use our antique underwood for guest book signing and well wishes for our wedding.

For a little fun, check out the following link and DIY project.



Wedding Planning!!?!?!?!?

My fiance shaun and myself are uber-focused creative types. My beloved proposed to me last june on a paris park bench near the champs Elysee and eiffel tower near midnight.
We just now secured a venue for our ceremony. I admit, i was becoming a little stressed. Not bridezilla stressed but a little concerned we had not planned a thing. Sometimes taking your time turns out for the best ;)

We live near one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. This amazing chapel inside of Elmwood Cemetery is where we will be professing our love this fall preceded by a traditional new orleans march......

Phase 1 of Website underway!

I have been driving myself nutty planning my website. I am lucky enough to have a really talented friend helping me at the "friend price" to get this project underway. Soooo very excited.
Word to the wise: Plan the framework first. Of course i have a million ideas of how awesome it will be once finished. I have been aesthetic-cookoo lately! I should have concentrating on framework. For example, what sections do I need?!
We hope to see www.recrudescencestudio.com come to fruition by late march. yipee!