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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Shows!!

I had the pleasure in participating in to holiday shows back-to-back last weekend!
Last Friday, Dec. 3, I spent the evening in Lawrence at the Sip and Shop. Great people and phenomenal attendance. The place was even hopping for a while after the end time. On Saturday, Dec. 4, I spent the afternoon pimpin' my wares at The Honeypot Shop at the River Market Event Space.
It was fantastic to have a dialogue with customers explaining my work. Many of my items have a story to tell. Whether 1930's compact mirrors with ghost-like feminine images to items dug up outside of factories in West Germany.....I find resurfaced/reused/repurposed items fascinating. A little patina shows strength and longevity in an item....not just age.
Overall, it was an enriching experience. I thank all those who participated and attended.  I learned a lot and have a lot more to learn........, I am loving every minute of it. The panic, stress, elation and  joy. I am planning for the future. The next step is more showing and traveling.
Wish me luck!-Lady Recrudescence

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