Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gift Guide........

I wanted to share some of my favorite products for this season. Many of my fav's are of course from fellow Kansas City-ians.
Take a gander.

Tarot Deck Candle from Catbird in Brooklyn, NYC
This is an excellent unisex gift for a special friend who is not into "fruity/Floral" notes. I am hooked on this earthy pencil shaving and turkish rose blend. At first I felt it was a bit pricey but my instant love  won out. Long lasting and well worth the  $32.00
Forstrangewomen based in kansas city, mo-Specializes in all natural oils, balms, bath salts and more.
This enchanting local gal has many an item i didn't realize i couldn't live without. I have purchased multiple items and have loved every one of them. 
If you don't purchase for someone else, try something for yourself.

Kansas City's Hammerpress offers one of a kind letterpress to make your gifts and holiday wishes stand out from the crowd.
You can shop in-store and online.

If you are looking for a piece of very affordable art for a gal pal check out filthedesign on etsy.
emily's mixed media handmade work will delight the sister or gal pal this year.

Above all-remember all the local handmade items available. Many are one of a kind unique and extremely affordable. Not all art hangs in a gallery ;)

I have provided the following links for your convenience:

In addition to online shopping, check local papers for craft fairs and handmade holiday events

xo-Lady Recrudescence

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